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How long will my battery last?

This depends on which brightness setting you run your bike light, how new the battery is and whether it was fully charged before you started your ride. In general you can get somewhere approaching 4 hours runtime from the Ray II bike light on full brightness with a fairly new and fully-charged battery. This will slowly deteriorate over the life of the battery of course.

As the Ray III light is 33% brighter on full power than the Ray II light you will naturally get less run time out of the battery if you run it on full power all the time.

If you are undertaking long rides we would recommend adjusting the brightness of the light according to the conditions, so saving full power for the times when you really need it and thus extending the run time of the battery.

Our advice as regular users of the Ray III would be to do either or both of the following:

a) Use it only on full power for the more technical terrain where maximum visibility is needed, and run on the mid power – dim down by holding the button – for the rest of the time.

b) Carry a spare battery.

How should I care for my battery?

Lithium Ion batteries are commonly used in a range of every day products including laptop computers. The batteries supplied with BikeRayUSA Bike Lights are high powered lithium ion batteries designed to give the performance levels and light outputs delivered by the product they power.

They must be treated with care in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Instructions. For more information consult our Care & Safety Section.

Can I run two BikeRayUSA front lights from the same battery?

If you purchase a Y Splitter Cable and a Helmet Mount you can mount one front bike light on your handlebars and another on your helmet. Expect lower battery run times of course!

Are Bikeray lights suitable for non-cycling use?

Yes!!! We recommend using ours lights for a variety of outdoor activities. Some examples are: Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, Camping. Whenever you think you need to use a light source – use one of our LED  lights!!! It could save your life out in the great outdoors!!!