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Care and Safety

Lithium Ion batteries are commonly used in a range of every day products including laptop computers. The batteries supplied with BikeRayUSA Bike Lights are high powered lithium ion batteries designed to give the high performance levels and high light outputs delivered by the product they power.

They must be treated with care in accordance with the Manufacturer’s Instructions. If they are not treated in the appropriate manner, these batteries can become unstable and may in certain circumstances pose a risk of fire. By knowing the conditions to avoid and the precautions to take, with proper care they will deliver long life and exceptional performance.

  • Always store your battery in cool, dry, well-ventilated environment such as a dry garage or outbuilding. This will prolong battery life. You may wish to store it in a fire proof container or bag.
  • Only use your BikeRayUSA Bike Lights with the supplied BikeRayUSA battery and charger.
  • Charge the battery in isolation and away from flammable materials.
  • Keep the battery away from children and animals.
  • Only charge the battery with the supplied battery charger and where the environmental temperature is between 0 – 40 degrees Celsius. Avoid excessive heat or cold at all times.
  • Only charge on a single mains socket – Always avoid using plug blocks or socket doublers.
  • Avoid dropping or crushing your battery – this could damage the battery pack internally and cause a short circuit. The effects of this could be delayed. If you do inadvertently drop/crush your battery then place it somewhere safe in cool, dry conditions and leave it for 30 minutes. Replace your battery in these cases. Dispose of the original battery safely, legally and in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Check your battery and its wiring regularly for damage. If the wire to battery or light head is damaged then do NOT use the battery and replace battery or light head immediately as a short circuit of internal wires (normally protected by the black cable sheathing) could lead to fire.


  • Never leave the battery unattended while charging – Never leave the battery charging overnight or while you are out.
  • Never connect the battery to anything other than a compatible BikeRayUSA Bike Light.
  • Never put the battery in a fire, water, or other electrically conductive liquid.
  • Never submerge your light/battery in water.  Not to be used for diving/swimming.
  • Never drop, crush, hit, or shake the battery violently.
  • Never disassemble the battery, reverse the polarity or short-circuit the battery.
  • Never charge the battery for more than 24 hours continuously.
  • Never attempt to “fast charge” your battery – it will only shorten its life.


Recharge the battery after every use and at least once every two months for between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the level of charge as indicated by your light head. AVOID a total discharge and top up your charge regularly…If you store the battery for a long time without using it its capacity will reduce and you may need to fully charge and discharge the battery several times to recover its full capacity.

If your battery has stood for a long time without being charged then it may not be possible to recover it at all and the battery will need to be replaced.