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So I did my experiment, charged both packs here at my office then sparked up the light and one lasted 4 hours 15 minutes, the other 4 hours 30 mins …very pleased.
-Javier Arroyo

I have been looking for a bike light for some time now because my old one is broken and the Bike ray 2 is the only one that suits my needs of high power, long lasting battery at minimal cost.
-Mitchell Williams

Hey Patrick,
Got the lights here Thursday and tested them out. All I can say is that I am really impressed! Good quality and each lasted a little over 4 hours on high so I’m sold.~!!!
-John Salmon

I received the light this afternoon with the prompt delivery you promised. I like how the battery unit has a charge so I can have an immediate satisfaction to turning the unit on. Overall fit and finish of this package is good.
-Rich Laczko

Thank you, Patrick. I appreciate you going to the trouble. Now I just need to decide if I will use this light. I don’t do a lot of night riding, but from the information provided, this looks like an excellent light at a great price!
-Teri Hottman

Nice lights at a great price, super fast shipping Awesome communications.
-Justin Marrs

Hello, I am Satisfied with the lights. I have not yet used them on the trail but I am pretty sure they will be fine. I posted a little review on mtbr and on my local club site cambr.org

I recently purchased a Nightrider 250 all in one. Very disappointed. It failed immediately and they can’t find anything wrong. I told them to fix, replace or keep it.
I will not accept it as is.

I am very impressed with you, your products, your reviews and the way you treat your customers.
-Jack Halem