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About Us

“Customer satisfaction, transparency, and committed to creating a faithful relationship.”

BikeRayUSA is the manufacturer and distributor for the BikeRayUSA Light line of products for the United States and across the world.

Our products have undergone many hours of development from design inception, field testing, and final production. Our products have been tested under real world conditions and off road racing, road racing, recreational and commercial uses with various users and weather conditions to insure they meet our dealer and customer expectations.

We are using a high quality, long lasting battery that gives you more than 3-1/2 hours of use on high setting without recharging. As a bonus  – it is compact and light. We are continually evaluating our products and each part to ensure they offer our dealers and customers the best quality, durability, innovative, service and technically advanced products in the market place. Let us show you the advantages of doing business and using BikeRayUSA products.